Water ~ Protect Each Drop is located in the great State of Texas. 
We are a program of Alamo Resource Conservation & Development Area Inc. of Boerne, Texas
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The Nation faces an increasing set of water resource challenges. Aging infrastructure, rapid population growth, depletion of groundwater resources, impaired water quality associated with particular land uses and land covers, water needed for human and environmental uses, and climate variability and change all play a role in determining the amount of fresh water available at any given place and time.

Water shortages and water-use conflicts have become more commonplace in many areas of the United States, even in normal water years. As competition for water resources grows—for crop irrigation, growing cities and communities, energy production, and the environment—the need for information and tools grows for the everyday consumer as well as those in government, commerce and industry.  

Water issues and challenges are increasing across the Nation, but particularly in the South and West, due to prolonged drought. These water issues are exacerbating the challenges facing traditional water management and conservation approaches which by themselves no longer meet today’s needs. 

Water~ Protect Each Drop wants everyone to learn the efficient use of water, sustainable uses of all water resources, and water conservation methods to encourage  the stewardship of our most precious resource. 

Water conservation, proper use of water resources, and improved efficiency are crucial elements of any plan to address our current and future water issues. With the help of every concerned citizen…we can together conserve our water resources, keep them clean and abundant for all generations to come. 

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