The mission of Water~Protect Each Drop is to engage our community in the stewardship, conservation and protection 
of our water resources and environments through 
education and outreach.  

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Why Protect our WATER resources???

What is WATER and why is it so important?
Water is needed by all life on this Earth. 
It is found in its most elemental form in many parts of the solar system. 
All the water we have now or will ever have is has been on Earth for billions of years. 
The water cycle rotates water in various forms for LIFE!

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You as an individual can make a difference in the quality of water on this Earth, one drop at a time. Find out what you and your family can do to help to conserve, and protect this most precious resource. 

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How can YOU help PROTECT it??
Brought to you by Alamo RCD Area Inc. 
Clean, clear water needs to be assured for all, both now and in the future and 
YOU can make that happen!
Our Earth is covered in water and we are the stewards of this wonderful resource. 

We need it for 
  • Why is it always being mistreated???
  • Why is it so polluted???
  • Why are there people who lack good drinking water???

Water ~ Protect Each Drop will give you the answers!! 
AND Show you how you can help!!
Rain Water

Rain Water Harvestng expert, John Kight explains the why and how of this wonderful way to save water, one drop at a time!

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We are sponsored by Alamo Resource Conservation & Development Area Inc. 
a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit
Donations that will assist our mission can be sent to 215 W. Bandera Road 
Ste 114-456, 
Boerne, Texas 78006. 

All donations are tax deductable as per IRS laws.